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Store Nintendo DS Lite Guide by

Console Nintendo DS Lite

Ever had a time when you have nowhere to put your Nintendo DS Lite? Read this article and you will find out how.


1. Usually DSs are only a couple inches long. You can put them in a desk drawer.

  • 2
    You can also store them in your laptop case if there are little pockets.
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    You can put them in your pillowcase.
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    You can buy a case for your R4 Nintendo DS and put it somewhere you know you'll find it.

    R4 SD HC + pennino per DS Lite€ 19,99 
  • Tips

    • If you use your pillowcase, put it in a pillow you don't sleep on, because it will make your pillow hard.
    • DS cases can be found at elektronichouse. They also sell skins. The most protective is probably a Nerf Skin. They have foam protectors built in in case you drop your DS.
    • If you do not have a laptop case then buy one. You can put things other than a laptop in the big pocket.
    • Try your junk drawer if you have one.

    If you store your DS in your pillowcase that you sleep on, try to find another pillow that you don't sleep on because if you do sleep on it then there is a possible risk of the DS turning on while you are asleep.

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